Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Good Luck

Good Luck Tim and Lupita! looking forward to Baby Williamson's arrival today hopefully!

Next week we'll get to meet Baby Gillespie.

Friday, November 19, 2010


It's been almost a month since the last post, i am getting really bad at this.

I'll have to try harder.

Right now Jackie is sitting in her high chair, in a very freshly soiled diaper, next to the kitchen table, we just finished up a late breakfast on my alternate work week day off.

Hopefully, we'll get to do some fun things today, and hopefully I'll start writing more posts for my meager group of followers. Right now Alison is whisking her away to the changing table.

Last weekend we felt like baking so we made these truly amazing snickerdoodle blondies. This recipe was incredible, and we'll be making these again for sure.

and we took a crack a home made pralines, they came out pretty good but there is some room for improvement, perhaps a better recipe is in order.

This week we are getting ready to host our first Thanksgiving dinner, I think we're going to roll the dice and do a rotisserie smoked turkey... I may have my brother on standby with the turkey frier and a second bird in case disaster strikes.

Also congrats to our friends Dwight and Peggy on the birth of their daughter Rebecca last week, and best of luck to friends Tim and Lupita, as they await the arrival of their son in the next week.