Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bad Phone Pictures

Here's an assortment of grainy pictures taken the last few days with the camera phone, in my attempt to capture immediate funny things Jackie was doing, quality was sacrificed, and the pictures do not really convey the hilarity of some of the situations.

Jackie was being quite clever eating some stir fry earlier in the week, she really enjoyed the broccoli. She seems to like trying different vegetables, I hope she stays that way.

Here she is playing hide and seek with Grandma after having a treat of some pizza for dinner. She fails to realize that we can see her through the chair.

No one can see me

I am being very sneaky

Where am I?

Here I am!

Where did I go?

I'm back!

Finally, I set one of her blankets up as a little tent the other day, and now i seem to have to do it every night. She crawls in there with her stuffed animals and her bottle and giggles herself to sleep.

Hiding again

Monday, April 23, 2012

to walk a mile...or a few steps mommy's, (or daddy's) shoes

Jackie seems to like big people shoes these days, I caught her on Saturday morning, attempting to walk in a pair of Mommy's boots.

I walked through the door after a quick trip to pick up some charcoal for dinner, and this was what I saw, I just had to take a photo before I attempted to help her up.

Jackie also got a hold of Daddy's sneakers...
Here she gives up and escapes from Dad's camera.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

First Haircut

Last week, Jackie had her first ever hair cut. Mom and daughter had a nice day out at the hair salon. It was amazing to see her afterwords. The hair had gotten so long, and they shortened it quite a bit but it looks adorable.

Here is the amazing mop of hair before the styling

Jackie was a little fussy at first but the lollipop helped calm her down a bit.  The first haircut was immediately followed by the first dentist appointment.

num num num

Well...i don't have a great after shot, but you all saw the Easter pictures which was from the next day so that should be good enough. Jackie looks adorable, thanks RockYour Hair Studios!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter Photo Shoot

We've tried to get Jackie in for photo sessions at major holidays and milestones, I think this most recent Easter themed one has been the best one yet. I can't get over how big she is getting, I swear some of these pictures make her look like she's four years old. I have some additional satisfaction this past Easter since me the man with a fashions sense of less than zero for either men or women, picked out this lovely Easter dress for Jackie. I can get things right occasionally.

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Last week, my twin brother Joe and I celebrated our 32nd Birthday. I had a nice calm day at home, I took some time off work. I was able to mow the lawn and do a few minor odds and ends around the house. For dinner I was treated to a feast at Fuddruckers, where Jackie was her usual charming self. 

Jackie is letting us know where her true allegiances lie... with mommy

Mike and Charlotte helped us celebrate

Later in the week, Joe, Alison and I attended opening day at Citifield. I thoroughly enjoyed the game, especially since the Mets won, and would end up sweeping the opening series against the hated Atlanta Barves, but I was a bit disappointed with the new stadium. This was my first trip out to the new home of the Mets. I have previously been lucky to attend some games at the new Yankee Stadium, the new ballpark down in DC, Citizens Bank Park in Philly, and the tremendous AT&T Park (or whatever they are calling it these days) in San Francisco. Joe and I caught games at Jacobs Field in Cleveland, and Miller Park in Milwaukee on our road trip. All of these places were better ballparks to watch a game in than Citifield. Frankly I found RFK Staidum, The Vet, and the ballpark in Oakland to be better experiences, and yes even decrepit old Shea Stadium was better for me. I will always long for my great upper deck box seats that I held for the few seasons we had partial ticket plans. Right behind home plate, easy access to concessions, and a good mix of sun and shade depending on what time of day it was. I will sit in my old Shea Stadium seats some day and reminisce about better days in a better albeit less "fan friendly" multi-purpose old albatross of a stadium. 

Maybe I can chalk it up to opening day bugs being worked out. We'll be headed out to another game in early May, so I hope the next experience does not include Alison waiting 2 and a half innings for a hot dog and a bag of peanuts, or missing the entire first inning because of some ticket takers that were elderly when the Dodgers left town (no disrespect meant to these nice men, but since they don't physically collect tickets any more, and rely on hand held scanners, it was a seemingly difficult task for the two old timers at the right field entrance). 

Forgive my rant, it really was a nice day out playing hooky from work, capped off by trips to a few different bars in Hoboken, and a final stop at the Dutch House Tavern in Fair Lawn before bed. The next morning, and my trip to the office came a little too early for my liking.