Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bad Phone Pictures

Here's an assortment of grainy pictures taken the last few days with the camera phone, in my attempt to capture immediate funny things Jackie was doing, quality was sacrificed, and the pictures do not really convey the hilarity of some of the situations.

Jackie was being quite clever eating some stir fry earlier in the week, she really enjoyed the broccoli. She seems to like trying different vegetables, I hope she stays that way.

Here she is playing hide and seek with Grandma after having a treat of some pizza for dinner. She fails to realize that we can see her through the chair.

No one can see me

I am being very sneaky

Where am I?

Here I am!

Where did I go?

I'm back!

Finally, I set one of her blankets up as a little tent the other day, and now i seem to have to do it every night. She crawls in there with her stuffed animals and her bottle and giggles herself to sleep.

Hiding again

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