Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Shark Tank

We were watching the TV show "Shark Tank" the other day, and were totally fascinated by a new sippy cup developed by one of the couples appearing on the show. I believe they ended up getting a 50/50 funding deal from everyone's favorite billionaire psychotic basketball franchise owner Mark Cuban, and Robert Herjavec.

The cup was called lollacup, and it's got a weighted straw so the child drinking from it will be able to get all the liquid from the cup in an innovative and frankly obvious way. We thought it looked neat so we decided to get one, we ordered it from Amazon.com. The price point is insane for this type of product, near 18 bucks, but the inventors were passionate about it being made in America, when one of the other investors wanted to ship it to China to save money. I admire that, and I'm sure if the product takes off the price will come down.

Jackie seems to like it too, she give it a big smile when it came out of the box. We cleaned it out and gave it to her, and low and behold she was able to drink the whole thing, where with her other straw cups, she can never get the last bit. For the price I'd have preferred the handle be a bit sturdier, but so far so good.

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