Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Rocky Goes to Camp

One of the challenges of dog ownership has been making sure that Rocky the Beagle isn't cooped up for too long in his crate, or in the house, or tied up outside. It can get kind of tricky when we're running errands or visiting relatives, or even going away for the weekend. Alison's family has been great about watching him when we need it, but sometimes it's not possible, or not convenient.

Alison and her sister Maryellen, took Rocky to his first obedience course over at Camp Bow Wow  it was a six week class on Saturday's and Rocky graduated with High Honors. They also run a day care/boarding operation that is pretty reasonable.

In order to make sure he's not a crazed lunatic type dog, they make you drop him off for a few hours of monitoring and socialization. After spending his time in observation, he was released to the general population. They have web cams set up, so we were able to see Rocky playing with all the other dogs, and it looked like he was having a great day. I could tell he was going to be exhausted, and when I go home late from work, he was dead to the world and didn't even stir this morning when I got up to get ready (I make a lot of noise)

They took some photo's and gave Alison a certificate.

They took good care of him, and now we have a standby place to drop him off if we need to go anywhere. I'm sure everyone will be relieved, especially the cat on the leash that taunts him from across the path in Fair Lawn.

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