Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cozy Coupe Crash Course

I have a whole series of posts that I'm going to be making from the last weeks worth of activities, we've got a trip to the Air Force, strawberry picking, family party, jam making, chut-a-nay making, etc. That all can wait though, because this was hilarious.

We had the Gillespie clan over for a cook out tonight, since we hadn't spent any time hanging out with Charlotte and the gang for a while. The original plan was to go out to eat, but we had all the fixin's for a bbq, so we decided to do that instead. Once I got the grill going, we took the ladies outside to play in the yard for a while. That was interesting playing keep away from the hot weber grill, i was tempted to put the grill in the playpen to make things easier.

We got out the cozy coupe, and the bubble mower, and the girls were having a ball. Jackie decided to take Charlotte for a ride, and I decided I needed to get this on film. Here is the result.... please note, it's OK to laugh, the end result was mild bewilderment and giggles.

This next one was slightly less horrifying 

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