Monday, May 21, 2012

Jackie visits the Air Force

I wasn't able to attend this event, but Alison took a lot of nice pictures that I am happy to share. Mothers Day weekend was also the Air Show weekend down at McGuire Air Force Base. Uncle Joe thought it might be nice for Jackie to come visit and see the airplanes (also I think he wanted to show off his adorable niece to his Air Force colleagues)

Friday they have sort of an unofficial air show day that families come to, to see the practices, and they planes coming in from other bases, and locations to be shown off. It seemed like a perfect day to go check it out and avoid the big crowd that always visits on the official days.

Jackie as usual had a ball, and I offer these photos as proof.

Jackie checking out Uncle Joe's office, here is a picture of Great Grandpa in WWII

Walking the flight line with Uncle Joe

Precious Cargo

What's this?

Jackie was a WW2 Ace?

Checking out Uncle Joe's favorite plane, the C-130. This one, was from the Navy.

Someday I will fly in a real Helicopter!

It's Windy on the flight line!

Hi Grandpa!

What a fun day

It's noisy out here

Admiral Jackie calling in an Air Strike on the Taliban

Playtime at AAFES after the show

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