Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hunting Eggs

It's a little late but Happy Easter everyone. For the most part we had a nice weekend, if not a bit busy. We spent Saturday evening and Sunday morning with Alison's family, and Sunday afternoon and evening with my family. As is usually the case on major holidays, we spent most of the time up in good old Bergen County. How I wish I had bought a bigger house so we could tell everyone, nay demand! everyone come to our house, but it is not to be. Even with the projects we have planned, the house still probably won't be big enough, sometimes it feels like we need to rent a circus tent to fit everyone at the same table. For some events we've pretty much done that with a hodgepodge of portable canopies and utility tables. It might just have worked on Sunday because the weather was perfect.

Despite my fantasy of living in a mansion that can accommodation all extended family and friends, (we didn't win the recent megamillions jackpot obviously), we always have a nice visit with either set of Grandparents, and this past weekend was no exception. Jackie certainly had a ball romping around the houses, and the yards. She had her first and second Easter Egg hunts on Sunday, the first being at the Great Grandparents house with cousin Dylan, and some of the Walsh aunts, uncles, and cousins to cheer her on. Jackie wasn't sure what was going on at first but after examining the contents of the first egg she happened across she got in the spirit of things.

Jakie got a nice Easter basket but Hippy the Bunny didn't survive the car ride. 

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