Thursday, April 12, 2012


Last week, my twin brother Joe and I celebrated our 32nd Birthday. I had a nice calm day at home, I took some time off work. I was able to mow the lawn and do a few minor odds and ends around the house. For dinner I was treated to a feast at Fuddruckers, where Jackie was her usual charming self. 

Jackie is letting us know where her true allegiances lie... with mommy

Mike and Charlotte helped us celebrate

Later in the week, Joe, Alison and I attended opening day at Citifield. I thoroughly enjoyed the game, especially since the Mets won, and would end up sweeping the opening series against the hated Atlanta Barves, but I was a bit disappointed with the new stadium. This was my first trip out to the new home of the Mets. I have previously been lucky to attend some games at the new Yankee Stadium, the new ballpark down in DC, Citizens Bank Park in Philly, and the tremendous AT&T Park (or whatever they are calling it these days) in San Francisco. Joe and I caught games at Jacobs Field in Cleveland, and Miller Park in Milwaukee on our road trip. All of these places were better ballparks to watch a game in than Citifield. Frankly I found RFK Staidum, The Vet, and the ballpark in Oakland to be better experiences, and yes even decrepit old Shea Stadium was better for me. I will always long for my great upper deck box seats that I held for the few seasons we had partial ticket plans. Right behind home plate, easy access to concessions, and a good mix of sun and shade depending on what time of day it was. I will sit in my old Shea Stadium seats some day and reminisce about better days in a better albeit less "fan friendly" multi-purpose old albatross of a stadium. 

Maybe I can chalk it up to opening day bugs being worked out. We'll be headed out to another game in early May, so I hope the next experience does not include Alison waiting 2 and a half innings for a hot dog and a bag of peanuts, or missing the entire first inning because of some ticket takers that were elderly when the Dodgers left town (no disrespect meant to these nice men, but since they don't physically collect tickets any more, and rely on hand held scanners, it was a seemingly difficult task for the two old timers at the right field entrance). 

Forgive my rant, it really was a nice day out playing hooky from work, capped off by trips to a few different bars in Hoboken, and a final stop at the Dutch House Tavern in Fair Lawn before bed. The next morning, and my trip to the office came a little too early for my liking. 

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