Friday, April 22, 2011

New Links and stuff

I have been woefully delinquent in Jackie related content, or really any content over the past two months. I actually have a few posts that I was working on and never finished, I think I keep saying I will post them, and never do... well I will try to do so in the next few days. Perhaps I can get the rest of the Christmas and New Years related content up before Easter?

In the mean time, a few new links added the column on the right in the "Friends Blogs" category.

Buzzy Bees is a fellow Kings Pointer, who decided to start a new hobby... Bee Keeping! I am fascinated by this, I don't think we could pull it off in our neighborhood, but perhaps I can trade some of my Canned garden products for Honey in the future.

Girl Versus Kitchen is a classmate of Alison and Elizabeth's from IHA, who actually lives within shouting distance of our house. She is somewhat of a "foodie", and is sharing her culinary travels, and creations with the world, or at least New Jersey.

Now that the PE exam is behind me, as I spend the next 2+ months waiting for results, I'm hoping to get some time to finally finish a certain project involving a baby crib, and get my garden going for the season. I'm not sure what I'm planting yet this year. I was thinking about taking another crack at Tomatoes, and then possibly Cucumbers, since the pickles we made last year turned out so well, it might be nice to make a batch from our garden. I will also be doing hot peppers again, but I think this year it will be limited to Cayenne and Jalapeno only, hopefully I can get a better yield of just those two, so I can make a few batches of hot sauce later in the summer and fall. This time last year, I already had the pepper plants flowering and tomatoes in the ground, but the weather and schedule have been so wacky, we haven't had the chance to do anything yet. We also picked up a few young Blueberry bushes that we'll be planting in the yard, though we won't get anything from those for a few years, and then we'll have to figure out a way to keep the birds away.

The weather forecast is not looking good this weekend either, I'm just hoping to mow the lawn at this point. Oh well... perhaps I'll have time to get those posts up.

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out! Haha, shouting distance, get it? LOL.. okay weak I know. :)