Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Lazy Blogger Syndrome

Been real lazy the last few days, no updates on the mundane existence we lead. I had some grand posts in mind for the 10th anniversary of 9/11 I may still put it up sometime but I am unable to locate the pictures I had taken that day. I only took a few and hadn't looked at them in several years, but they were part of the narrative I had drafted. I have another one two, that basically explains my personal recovery, I'll post that on the 21st, the 10th anniversary of an amazing experience I had.

In the mean time we are no happy residents of almost lakefront property on a toxic lake at the local Superfund site. The old American Cynamid site near the train station I use everyday, and the local minor league ball park is underwater and poison that is normally kept in toxic lagoons on site is seeping around. They are having a real problem draining the site, because the new de-watering system failed in the storm, and they can't get it back up and running until they de-water the site.

All train traffic is suspended off the east bound platform with no end in site, luckily they were able to figure out how to get all the trains on the westbound track. The water level has gone down about 2 feet in the last 2 weeks, it's starting to really smell bad. I snapped this photo this morning. On the plus side, the storm wiped out the parking machines, parking!

Go Giants!
Here is Jackie getting prepared for the Giants season opener... they let her down unfortunately.

Tim and I with Thomas Jefferson... we would soon find out that we had entirely too many "sodas" to drink while sitting in the hot sun that afternoon. 

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  1. Thank God the metro stops eventually. Lord only knows if this occurred with the extension to Dulles airport complete, where I would have ended up.