Monday, November 5, 2012

Novemberween in New Jersey

Thanks to the lovely Hurricane Sandy, Halloween was postponed in NJ so we had Halloween tonight. I was surprised at the number of kids small and not so small that actually came to our door today. Jackie was a big help in distributing the candy and bags of cookies, chips, and pretzels. She made sure to say "bye, see you later" to everyone that stopped by.

We were going to go trick or treating last week, but opted not to do it this week since it's darker earlier now, and we weren't sure if people were actually opening their doors.

She did get to do "trunk or treat" at Grandma's school a week and a half ago, so the Minnie Mouse outfit Alison sewed didn't go to waste.

Minnie and Cinderella
Dad even got into the spirit tonight and got his Darth Vader mask out of the attic.

Daddy Vader and Princess Jackie leader of the Rebel Alliance
Jackie wanted to try it on too. 

Who turned out the lights?

Darth Jackie

This one has gone over to the dark side

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