Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Pretend Camp

Jackie's pre-school offered some summer day camp sessions with a different theme each week. We had decided to send her for a few weeks to give her some additional activities over the summer and play with the other kids. This was the first week, and the theme was Animal Planet.

I am sorry to say though, that when I came home from work on Monday things were pretty grim. Jackie didn't want to talk about camp, she was quite argumentative in fact. Finally, after a little bit of dinner, I got some information out of her. It wasn't real camp you see... there were no tents, or s'mores, or any real camp things to do, and she was so disappointed. It was pretend camp.

Happily, she seems to have gotten over it. Yesterday, there was a petting zoo activity they kids got to see a dove, a wallaby, a fox, and a hedgehog. I saw the pictures on facebook that they school had posted, so when I got home I was asking her about the animals. I forgot one though, and she was happy to inform me that she got to pet a chinchilla, whatever that is.

So things have been going better at pretend camp, apparently they have ice pops. They were kind enough to send this photo along of Jackie enjoying a grape one after a rough morning of running through sprinklers. When I asked how camp went while I was home for lunch, she reminded me it was not camp, it was pretend camp.

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