Friday, March 23, 2012


Jackie loves to imitate mom and dad, ( I said imitate, not irritate right? she likes to do that too!), last night she snuck up in my chair, got nice and cozy and was trying to figure out what this fancy doodad was all about. With all these wonderful gadgets and technology today, it will be a wonder if the kids can grow up with a more traditional childhood. I'm glad Jackie enjoys simple things like blocks and balls more than the high tech stuff so far, her favorite toy is this wooden ball tower from Melissa & Doug. So I hope she continues to enjoy playing with the books and simpler toys, and learn to use her imagination.

Time to order some new toys from Amazon

I accused Alison of setting up this doll next to the block bucket, but Alison denied it, which means that Jackie did it, which I thought was cute.

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