Friday, March 2, 2012

Tight Rope Walk

I got linked over to this blog post the other day, it sort of delves into the conflict on social issues that a more progressive devout Catholic might have issues with in their political allegiances. It really hit home for me, because as a libertarian, conservative, right wing kook, I have similar issues on the "social justice" side of things,  even though I hate that term, as well as things like the death penalty. I learned of Cardinal Bernardins seamless garment ethic in High School and it has always stuck with me.

Anyway this link is after the jump.

egregious twaddle: Up on the Tight Wire: Taking Catholicism Seriously...: I'm up on the tight wire One side's ice and one is fire It's a circus game with you and me I'm up on the tight rope One side's hate and ...

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