Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Morning 2013

Since we decided to stay home for Easter this year, here is a quick post to show Jackie on Easter Morning.

Sequestered in her room while the Easter Bunny makes the finishing touches

What you don't see here is that she was trying to dump a bottle of shampoo on the floor

How many years bad luck for opening an umbrella indoors? How about a Nemo umbrella?

Quite a hall... half of this stuff is recycled from last year... I don't think she notices.

Run Run Run

Our little Easter Bunny...Dad was also wearing bunny ears

Darth Vader slippers

New books

Sneaking away to eat jelly beans

Mommy egg and Jackie Egg

Too much candy?

The fake grass is always a bad idea... the baby needed a "nest"

Happy Easter Everyone!

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