Tuesday, May 28, 2013

New Arrival...Welcome Catherine Grace (now over one month old)

Boy, I started writing this post almost almost two months ago, I am really falling behind on this thing. We are well past the one month mark... on April 10th as I started this, I was Alison and Catherine in the hospital, probably eating the greasy chicken fingers that were on the maternity ward menu.

My original post that never made it below....

Well...I think I've mentioned this a few times in my sporadic posting over the past months, that we had a big announcement, or several, and I would be making some posts about them. Well, I have broken my new years resolution to get this thing back up and running with more frequent posts, and those updates never got made.

So here is the really big announcement for anyone following who may not be in the know.

April 10th, at 9:58 AM, we welcomed our second daughter into the world. Catherine Grace Trynosky, she weighed in at a robust 9 lbs 6 oz.

Mom and Baby are doing great, and we all couldn't be happier about our growing family.

 Here we are past one month already...

Coloring with Jacqueline

Telling tall tales to a captive audience

Tired of pictures

Donald Trump hair

Catherine... you got ripped off on your grand blog announcement, and I will make it up to you some how.

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