Saturday, September 7, 2013

Birthday Part II

Yes that's right Birthday Part II...why not Birthday Part I? Well, the camera was lost in a couch cushion for about two weeks, so while there are photo's from Birthday Part I, we will only be able to post them once we get those pictures. This year because of some scheduling confusion, and my desire to simplify and not have one giant party at my house with a hole in the kitchen ceiling and prepping for roof repairs and new windows, we opted to have two slightly smaller parties, one with each family.

Jackie's actual Birthday Party was held up in Waldwick and hosted by Grandpa and Nana Walsh and Family, which was a great time. A week later we celebrated with Grandma and Grandpa Trynosky and some family and friends, which was also a great time. Since I was able to deflect most of the hosting and prep duties to my unsuspecting relatives this year, I had a much more relaxing time at both parties, and I'm sure Alison did as well. Jackie on the other hand, is now probably more spoiled then ever, thinking she will have multiple parties and presents all the time. We'll have to disabuse her of that notion next year, when hopefully the basement and upstairs are complete, and we'll have a bit more space to have a house full of hungry family and friends.

King Stephen in the party spirit

No visit to Grandma's house would be complete without a trip to Tot Lot

Charlotte got in on the fun too

Burning off all the sugar

Christopher had a good time too

Catherine ready to party


Birthday girl ready to go

Three Candles

Still not sure what to do here

Uncle Joe in Air Force Bear form is rooting on from the sidelines

Dad had to help blow out the candles

Making healthy food choices, Michelle Obama would be so proud

Uncle Joe Bear seems to have gone to sleep

Post Party with Patrick and Darth Vader

About ready to pass out I think, Jackie was out cold before we left the driveway

So looking back at these pictures, I think maybe the camera might has well have stayed in the couch since I really didn't capture too much, hopefully Grandma's camera has some good pictures and I'll add to this post. In the mean time standby for Birthday Part I post coming soon to a blog near you.

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