Thursday, September 19, 2013

September Hits The Ground Running

Last week was very busy for us here in Bridgewater, well mostly Jackie and the rest of us because she can't drive yet.  Tuesday was the start of preschool.  Jackie attends North Branch Reformed Church Preschool.  This school comes very highly recommended by some of the moms from the Little Flowers Moms Group.  The first day was just an hour for the kids while the parents had an orientation session.  The class was split based on where you live, so we were in the first session with five other children from Bridgewater or Somerville.  There was one familiar face, Oliver, that we knew from the Little Lambs session that Jackie attended last April/May.  But of course Jackie didn't need the comfort of a familiar face she jumped right in and didn't want to leave.  So when Thursday was a full morning session she was very excited to go for a full two and half hours.  Here are some pictures from that first day.
Are we going to preschool today?

What are we waiting for?

Let's get moving!

Tuesday was also a big day for Catherine.  She turned five months.
Always so happy

It is very hard these days to take a picture of Catherine with no hands in the mouth

The next big thing was Wednesday swim classes for Jackie.  This is a half hour class that runs once a week from September to November at our local YMCA.  The class is for 3-6 year old children.  Based on the size of the other kids most everyone seems to be closer to 3 than 6, and the class is evenly split three boys and three girls.  The first day was a rousing success.  Unfortunately yesterday's class, not so much.  The first fifteen minutes were fine then came all the complaints.  "I have to go the bathroom", "I'm cold", "I'm wet I want my towel", "Can we go home yet?"  Hopefully next time will not be like yesterday.  Here are pictures from that triumphant first class.

Practicing "safety slide" into the pool

We ended our week with a visit to Shohola, PA.  The Gillespies had a house warming party.  This was our second visit there.  We first saw the new digs when we went with our friends the Williamsons on Sunday of Labor Day weekend.  It was Jackie's reluctance to get out of the Gillespie's pool, even though she was blue and shaking she was so cold, that pushed me into signing her up for swim class.  At any rate here are some pictures from last Saturday's party.

Mom and Dad didn't check the weather in PA, so Jackie is wearing Charlotte Pants to keep warm

Katie the dog, checking things out.

Feeding baby

Is that Catherine or a baby doll?

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