Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bad Ideas Part II

 So maybe you've noticed I've added advertising to the blog. I'm experimenting to see what happens on a website that has a limited audience. To see if I can turn theoretical internet money into real money. The goal is to buy Jackie an ice cream cone or something when she graduates from college.

I also added Amazon targeted advertisements, I'm thinking as part of that I can post various product reviews. I'll see how I can do that with maybe stuff that I already bought, and reviewed, like the horrendous "General Barker" ballistic nylon dog toys that I purchased at COSTCO that Rocky managed to start shredding within minutes.

I'm not allowed to tell you to click all ads wildly, since that would be cheating, and they will be able to tell, but if something popped up of genuine interest, please feel free to investigate further.

Personally, I have no idea how any of this internet ad revenue type stuff even works... who clicks this stuff? It's like it's all one big ponzi scheme waiting to unravel, sort of like Social Security.

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