Thursday, June 30, 2011

Let's Go Mets !

One of my insane theories, is that my lovely wife Alison, secretly dresses Jacqueline, and probably the dog in Yankees clothes while I am at work. That, along with an endless stream of Yankees baby stuff from well meaning Aunt's (although Aunt Elizabeth has certainly delivered the goods when it comes to Met stuff), leaves very little opportunity to exert my fatherly influence.

As a fan of the New York Metropolitans, full of enthusiasm of the recent repeated trouncing of the Texas Rangers, and Detroit Tigers (and before anyone makes a snide remark, I am fully aware of the major structural defects of the way the team is put together, the way it's managed, and the criminal ineptitude of the ownership group), when Alison was done giving Jackie her bath last night, and said "Pick out an outfit" I made my move.

Jackie and I are now ready to go for a weekend full of New York City rivalry, between the Mets and Yankees.

Look at those chompers!

I am virtually certain that as soon as this post gets published, and Alison sees it, the baby will be changed into some kind of Yankees onesie/bib get up... with a Yankee pacifier and Sippy cup to boot.

It's OK Jackie, I will still love you.


  1. i guess Aunt Elizabeth has to step it up a notch when it comes to the Mets gear!!!

  2. Ha! You've done a good job, this was sort of tongue in cheek heading into the Subway Series... we were on a roll, perhaps I jinxed it?