Monday, June 6, 2011

June 6 Post

D-Day! Saw this on Twitter today

"An 18 year old who landed at D-Day would be 85 now. Remember, as their generation is fading into memory."

President Reagan gave this speech when I was four years old... hard to imagine

The old men in these videos look so young 27 years later.

We've had a busy few weeks with Jackie, every day she seems to be getting into something new. We've taken a lot of pictures, so here is another photo dump!

Here is Jackie getting ready for sleep on the day she hit 9 months... daddy hadn't yet installed the A/C so it was a bit warm, but she still seemed happy. 

These three pictures were taken the next day and I am including all three because they were so cute. She was having a rare calm moment these days and took a few wonderful pictures.

Enjoying my favorite spatula in the park!

Jackie got to spend some time playing with her buddies, here they all are enjoying some of the different fun activities available to babies these days. Jackie especially loves the bouncy jumparoo type things... she could go for hours. Lucky for her Charlotte and Patrick don't enjoy them as much yet, so she gets to hog it as much as she wants. 

The next class at Kings Point reports for duty on July 7th and these babies are almost ready to go. 

Jackie got to hit Grandma and Grandpa Walsh's pool for the first time the other day, it's like giant bath time and she had so much fun swimming with Mommy. 

Rocky does not enjoy the pool as much. He is growing so fast, and thankfully appears to be almost house broken... which is a huge relief. Time to sell my stock in Proctor and Gamble, the parent company of Bounty Paper Towels, I won't be needing as many now. 

Here is a nice shot with Uncle Joe, right before his promotion to Major! Jackie is congratulating him. 

I was very disappointed this year in my gardening efforts, I went and picked up tomato and cucumber plants, but they were wiped out by a few cold nights before I could get them in the ground. Luckily due the all the wasted tomatoes from last year, I have about 20 tomato plants growing in my garden and compost pile. So all is not lost, and Alison and I were able to set up the garden this year after all. Hopefully, with a little experience under our belts we'll be able to get a more usable crop this year. The Blueberry bushed already have some fruit on them, and the Jalapeno's are also blossoming... so far so good!

Last but not least, for those that don't know I was pleasantly surprised to get some good news about a week and a half ago. I passed my PE exam in the State of NJ. I was pretty confident that I had a shot at passing, but a few too many questions on the exam that I thought I had been unprepared for left me a little nervous. The big surprise was getting the results so early, as NJ is typically one of the last states to give out the results, some times a month or more after the test scores are released. This year those of us who took the test were lucky to get results after only 2 days... it was a great day. Congrats also to our Good friend Jessica who also passed in NY and Adam a former co-worker and Kings Pointer (and classmate of Jessica) who also passed his exam on the first try. Sounds like a clean sweep for the KP Team.

Until next time!

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