Monday, August 8, 2011

Bored At Costco

Haven't made a post in almost a week, but it's mostly because I've so completely and utterly swamped with work. I got drafted to do a high priority energy modeling assignment for a school in Queens, it's a rush because the design is finished, and project went out to bid today, so the client needs to know if they will have to issue an addendum to address any issues they have with not meeting energy savings goals the city has. 

Alison has been holding down the fort mostly lately. I set up my work station in the lovely basement with all the post-apocalyptic food supplies, and the creepy crawlies that sometimes pay me a visit down there. This was a much better option than what I used to do which was work in the kitchen. Now when I do that Rocky has other plans for me. When I try to work in the living room, Jackie has other plans for me. In the basement, Only the centipedes have other plans for me. I can crush them...

Anyway, we made a side visit to Costco yesterday to pick up a few things. As we pulled into the parking lot, I realized I left the stroller(s) in the shed, so Jackie had to make due with the kid seat in the cart. She is so big, I can't believe she is sitting up in there. She's done it before when she was out with Grandma and Grandpa, but the first time I have ever used it. She was so well behaved, and got a lot of compliments on her general cuteness. 

I am so bored...

Can we go home now?
While I was there, I picked up a DVD of the old Disney Fess Parker Davy Crockett movies... only two of them, but I am going to enjoy the heck out of them some time in the near future. Lot's of flashbacks to my youth these days, recently Cartoon Network has aired a re-imagined version of Thundercats, and I've really enjoyed it. Looking back on the original from my childhood (going back to 1985), it's just terrible. I saw some re-runs recently, and it's amazing how we sugar coat things with nostalgia... the new version so far is much more entertaining.

We have a lot of work to do over the next couple of weeks to get ready for Jackie's 1st Birthday... also coming up on the anniversary of the first post here. Maybe I will come up with a special post to commemorate the milestone. I keep asking this, but where has the time gone?

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