Sunday, August 14, 2011

Jackie's First Steps

Well...well...well... I do believe we are now officially in trouble. Jacqueline just delighted us with a romp around the living room, motivated by a delicious can of Vintage Seltzer! I hope they pay me, I found them a marketing campaign. Vintage Seltzer, It Has What Babies Crave! This is shamelessly stolen of course from the movie Idiocracy, which, as I bet you can guess, I was watching this morning.

Anyway... roll the tape!

Here we have an earlier aborted attempt.

First official steps

First Steps: Part 2

I looked up before and she was sort of doing the Frankenstein walk towards me, and she also did it a little bit the other day, but this is the first official walk, that gets logged in the baby book since she went across the room without falling after a few steps.

Congratulations Jackie! 

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