Thursday, January 26, 2012


I was doing some reading on local Community Supported Agriculture farms nearby, and we seem to have a number of options. I think we're going to take a look into buying a share for next season, to maybe help improve our diets, learn to cook with new ingredients, and help support our local "Jersey Fresh" farmers.

Local Harvest

Based on the info from Local Harvest, it seems like we have a number of different options we can go with. Some are more fruit centered, others are more vegetable oriented, and there seems to be an organic farm to choose from as well. I like the idea of getting more fruit since it would be interesting to try making different kinds of preserves, but I think the more vegetable oriented one would be good for our culinary adventures, and also to get some use out of our new pressure canner. I'm agnostic on the whole "organic" fad, but we'll look into what the farm offers.

Essentially we'll be getting each week a box or basket of fresh produce that is set aside for the share holders. The weekly delivery is full of what ever seasonal fruits and vegetables they are harvesting that week. Many of the farms also have pick your own flower fields, so hopefully we'll have a houseful of flowers all summer to make use of the attic full of vases we've accumulated since our engagement.

Anyway it should be an interesting summer, I have heard positive feedback from a few people I have talked with that have done this in the past, or have family members that participate. I'll be sure to post and link to what farm we decide to buy a share from, and I plan to do more or less weekly updates featuring the contents of the baskets and what we decide to make with it.

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