Saturday, January 14, 2012

Saturday Post

It seems that a few weeks have gone by without a new post to the blog, after a week long break between the holidays that was long overdue, things have been pretty busy on the work front. I just got back from a few days up at the Sub Base in Groton CT working as a commissioning agent for a new building on base. This is a newer role for me, i've assisted with commissioning activities a few times, recently closed out a project for a building at one of the NYC DEP's plants in Queens, and now this one. It went pretty well, but the contractor's weren't 100% ready, so I'll have to head back up for a day in a week or two to finish up.

Thursday was Rocky's first birthday, so Happy Birthday to him and his litter mates Remy, Bella, Beasley, Biscuit, Brody, Troy and Rosie.

Jacqueline of course is as cute as ever, and she'll have a new friend arriving in the summer, our friends Mike and Jess are expecting their second child. So Charlotte Rose will be a big sister, and Jackie will have a new playmate. Congratulations to the Gillespie family.

Our nephew Stephen Bruce is doing well, and we are hoping to see him next weekend assuming my work schedule goes according to plan. I'm hoping to work late Mon - Thursday, with the goal of being able to take Friday off... this all assumes that the school job in Paterson I am working on is completed on Schedule.

Here are some recent photos for your amusement. 

Tim and I enjoying a Mexican Wedding and food poisoning.

A fine Cuban cigar outside an ice cream shop in Veracruz.

Patrick going in for the kill at his 1st Birthday Party

Jackie enjoying the birthday festivities
Three cute friends. A precious moment seconds before crying/hair pulling.

Jackie meeting her cousin Stephen for the first time.

Who is this baby?

Introducing myself to my nephew.
The crusty old ware house that we are turning into a charter high school.

playing nice with cousin Dylan, he was happy to share his toys with Jackie.

The annual reading of "A Visit from St. Nicholas"  
Jackie was going to visit the Church of Intercession with Grandma and Grandpa to hear the annual reading of the poem during their annual Clement Clarke Moore festival, the oldest Christmas tradition in the city, but she had a cold...maybe next year.

Examining her loot.

Crank up the Christmas tunes!

Opening one of her new toys with Aunt Lauren... this pink elephant is now part of my living room decor, every day is a Dumbo style hallucination.

The annual photo of the cousins at the Great Grandparents house is Waldwick.

Enjoying the new block set from Grandma and Grandpa Trynosky

I love all my new toys but I love this box more.

Birthday Boy

Jackie helping Rocky organize his toys

Playing fetch

Slow Cooker Pork Shoulder

12 hours later... this made a fantastic pulled pork for the playoff game last weekend, and Grandpa's birthday.

New Years Tur-Duc-Hen...did not come out that well... we shall try again some other time.

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