Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hippies Part 2

So we've decided which farm we will buy a CSA share from. We're going with Melick's Town Farm, so we'll add a link to them and their CSA blog over in the side bar. I'm pretty excited about the prospects here, it's heavy on the fruit side which I think might be good since maybe it reduces the chance of things going to waste, i.e. the amount of weird vegetables that we are afraid to eat will be low. We'll be getting ton's of peaches if there is a good growing season along with all sorts of other things that we'll put to use. I need to stock up on Mason Jars in anticipation of a bunch of good canning and preserving experiments.

If you are interested head over to their website, there is a slide show of the contents of the boxes from last years program, all 22 weeks. It's pretty interesting.

This was a pretty convenient option for us, as they have a farm stand down the street a few miles that we've been to before. The peaches we got there last year were pretty good and made for good snacking, a nice jam and a nice pie I was able to make. 

They also have some pick your own events up at the farm in Oldwick, so were looking forward to trying that out during strawberry season.

We just need to send them a check now and we'll be on our way in the summer when the program starts. 

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