Friday, February 3, 2012


We recently hit two major milestones on the vehicles within a week of each other. On the way back from visiting baby Stephen in Washington DC we hit 50K on the Impala.

On the way home from work the other night we hit 100K on the Explorer.

Both cars seem to be holding up well, and we wish good health especially for the Explorer, since we don't feel like buying any new or used vehicles for the foreseeable future with with major house construction work on the horizon.

Nice to see you again Stephen!
Don't cry Stephen!
Our cute little nephew

Jackie calling daddy to tell him he has a surprise at home 
At long last my gallon of tabasco arrived from the fine folks at the McIlhenny Company

I laugh at your five point restraint


Grandma with two screaming cousins

Jackie loves Grandma and Grandpa's vintage little people

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