Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Giant Baby Spotted Near Bridgewater

Jackie had her four month appointment yesterday for another round of vaccines and the a weigh in. She weighed in at a very healthy 15 lbs 2 oz.

It looks like there are three teeth coming through now, and she's handling it pretty well. We've been able to tell when she's really uncomfortable and give her some teething gel to numb the gums a bit.

I'm going to try and put up a nice post on Christmas for the three or so readers of this thing. In short we had a great time, but very busy... not much relaxation, but I'm hoping for a bit more of that in the coming weekend. Due to my work schedule, I have 4 days off, and the snow made this a real short week, I stayed home on Monday to avoid the perils of post-blizzard mass transit. I wish I had taken the whole week off, as the trains are still not running on time. Yesterdays commute was a bit longer, as the PATH wasn't running between Newark and Journal Square, and we were on a weekend schedule for NJT.

Just an FYI, when NJT says Rail service is operating on a regular weekday schedule on all lines. A handful of trains (representing about one percent of the weekday schedule) will be cancelled. It is code for "your normal 6:41 train out of Bridgewater is canceled, and the 7:06 train that runs behind it will show up 4 minutes early, so you have to sprint through the icy parking, underpass, and un-shoveled platform. to get to work on time"

I found myself hoping that the car battery in the Explorer would be dead yesterday (and this morning) to give me an excuse to take the day off and get an early start on the New Years weekend.

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