Saturday, December 18, 2010

Santa "Returs" at 2:00

The last two days we've been planning on braving the last minute holiday rush, and heading to the mall to have Jackie's picture taken with Santa, or one of his acolytes.

Yesterday's plans were thwarted by a diaper explosion that blew through 3 layers of clothing, luckily it didn't make it to the fourth, so we put off our plans again until today.

Today we tried getting to the mall a little earlier, but were thwarted by Daddy sleeping in, from being up too late playing video games... but decided to make a go of it anyway.

We got Jackie all dolled up in her Christmas dress, and we were all set to go.

By the time we got to the mall, she was totally passed out, nothing could wake her.

We then got to see the long line, and were greeted by a sign left for us by some elves who never made it past the first grade... "Santa returs at 2:00" our latest plans were thwarted by a sandwich apparently.

I think we will make one more valiant attempt to meet the big guy tomorrow, or Monday. If not, I'm sure he will still leave gifts for her first Christmas here in Bridgewater and all over Northern New Jersey.

She seems a little bummed out here, when she was told we had to try another day, but it's more likely she is still sleepy.


  1. Loved this story. We need to get moving on seeing Santa too. Hard to believe Christmas is almost here, and 2011 shortly after.

  2. apparently the visit to see Santa was a success this morning, I am looking forward to seeing the picture.