Thursday, December 23, 2010


We really can't believe how fast these teeth are coming in. We had suspected that Jackie was starting to teeth about two months ago, when the normal amount of drool we had become acustomed too turned into buckets of drool, and she was soaking through two bibs and her onesies at the same time.

For the last few weeks, it looked like there may be a tooth coming though, but now it looks like it's broken through the surface, and there may be second one popping out too.

She's actually been pretty good with all this, I've noticed that she's sleeping lighter during her naps, and having a tough time settling down, but in general aside from a few outbursts, she hasn't been much fussier, we're just so shocked and amazed at how quickly all this is happening.

We've really been scrambling to get ready for the Holidays, we had a busy month so the tree and lights didn't go up until this past weekend, and I think we've gotten most of the ornaments up. I've been baking a few batches of cookies, and Alison has been wrapping all the gifts. We made stockings, and are still putting up decorations around the house...we may actually finish before we head up to North Jersey for Christmas Eve. Between all this decorating and wrapping, Alison has been getting the Christmas cards in the mail. We've been meaning to send them out for a few years now, and finally this year, they are going out.

It's been a hectic week... but we are almost ready to celebrate our first Christmas with the baby.

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