Monday, December 20, 2010

Party Time !

After our disappointing attempt to see Santa on Saturday afternoon, we brought Jackie up to Fair Lawn to hang out at Grandma's annual Christmas Party.

This year, with the good weather and apparent lack of germs floating around, they seem to have had a record turnout, (or at least more people than have been showing up over the past few years), Jackie got to meet all sorts of strange new friends, or maybe they got to meet her when she was zonked out in daddy's lap down stairs?

When we first arrived, we tried to get her to show off her new moves on the living room floor....

She was her usual bashful self, and decided she liked playing on her tummy just fine... there was no reason to roll over for Grandma, Grandpa, or Uncle Joe after all. Daddy seemed to be the only one able to get her to try on the new antlers the elves left for her.

Jackie took some nice pictures with Grandma at the tree. Grandma was so happy to finally show her all the nice decorations that magically appear each year after thanksgiving... (a little birdie told me they started showing up early this year, on account of the fact that the turkey was cooked in Bridgewater on Thanksgiving)

Unfortunately for all posterity, Dad neglected to use the red eye filter so our darling daughter looks like a space alien in all the pictures.

The elves paid a visit to the basement, and set up a nice play pen, with all sorts of new toys.

After a brief visit to all her new friends upstairs, Jackie got a wee bit overwhelmed and was whisked away back to the basement as gracefully as she arrived, where she was able to take a nice little nap and spend some time with Grandma and Grandpa Walsh, Grandpa Trynosky, and Uncle Joe. Later on in the evening she was able to come back to the party, after it had died down a bit.

Uncie Joe, being a bit subversive (as we expect him to be), decided the time was right to introduce dear Jacquline to the wonders of candy...

She got a few licks in before anyone called DYFS....

After everyone left Jackie entertained everyone with tales of her crazy adventures until late in the evening

It was a fun evening for all.

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  1. I am happy to see that my niece is enjoying my favorite sheet set of ALL TIME in her playpen! Long live My Little Ponies! :)