Thursday, December 1, 2011

Alison's Zip Line Adventure

My wife is very brave, I have known this, she will often be challenged with different things, and handle them with grace and courage. But she generally avoids stupid risks... so when Lupita mentioned the zip line at the falls we visited in Chiapas, and Alison said she would do it with her, I was pretty shocked and amazed.

We were set for disappointment at first when the practice zip line was closed as we walked up the falls, we figured maybe it was closed for the season or something. But once we got to the top, and saw that is was open, we broke out 300 pesos and the ladies were on their way.

Now as the ladies would tell the story, Tim and James are too scared to take the zip line... but the reality is that Tim and James are TOO FAT to take the zip line... and most other men are too. The weight limit on the zip line is 70 Kg, so even at my peak of physical fitness my junior year at Kings Point, I still would have probably been just over the limit, so it has absolutely nothing to do with 10 years of sloth and gluttony... at least that's my story.

So without any further delay... here is Alison's Zip Line adventure.

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