Friday, December 23, 2011

Nerd Christmas

I haven't seen Jackie awake in like four days because of a fast track project in Paterson I'm working on. Overtime all week, but we got everything done, and now I'm looking forward to a relaxing week at home together as a family.

Last night I got home around 10 PM, and I sort of forced Alison into helping me get the tree set up. It's been in the house about a week, but we haven't really had the chance to decorate it since I've been so busy. I didn't think we'd get the chance tonight because we have a family gathering at her sisters house, and tomorrow is Christmas Eve... so I had to strike while the iron was hot. Alison strung up the lights, I unwrapped ornaments, and then we both got to work on the tree... it was not the most pleasant tree trimming experience of my life, we wrapped up around 1 AM, and I was just totally exhausted. I tried to come to the office early today but just couldn't get out of bed it's been a rough week.

While we were trimming, I noticed (as I notice each year) the extreme quantity of nerdy ornaments that I've accrued over the past 20 years or so. Mostly Star Wars centric, I also have a ton of NASA themed ornaments that do the various light up/noise tricks when plugged in. This year we didn't plug any in, but they are all on the tree.

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