Monday, December 5, 2011

Relaxing Weekend

We had a pretty relaxing weekend around here for a change. We spent most of the day Saturday lounging around, we spent a good amount of time getting the attic organized, and continued getting decorations out for Christmas. Alison made a trip over to the dump to drop off some yard clippings from last weekend. I can't really go over there anymore, since every time I drop stuff off some crazy dude with a stick starts yelling at me and waving his stick menacingly... i don't know what the deal is. Today was a perfect day to hang lights and we did just that, after returning to church as a family for the first time in a while. Since our parish is undergoing some renovations, Mass is being held in the school gym and we figured if Jackie started getting noisy we could take her away and let her run around a bit. I ended up doing just that, she was sitting good as gold, until Mass started then proceed to start banging things and making cute noises at a high volume. So she and I spent most of our time in the main entrance foyer walking around and exploring while Mommy got to learn the new mass... I'm not a fan of the changes so far, but then again I fear all change...we'll see about this. So I hung most of the lights, we'll probably do a bit more in the next week, here is the evidence...
We also spent some time clearing the shed of our accumulated cardboard...always an exciting yet daunting task. We made sauce out of my summer tomoatos that I had frozen it came out pretty good, watched the Giants game, here is Jackie doing her touch down dance, a bit blurry, and we didn't tell her they ended up losing.
We ended the night watching the last two Harry Potter movies back to back... I thoroughly enjoyed the entire series, some day I'll have to read the books. So a relaxing, yet productive weekend, I even got a few hours of work work in. I'm leading the charge in designing the MEP systems for a new charter school in Paterson, we have three weeks to turn around a substantial complete design, with a budget that will not allow us to make any mistakes. This will be a challenge for sure, I don't know if I'm up for it, but we'll see!

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