Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Alison and I made the trek out to Giants MetLife Stadium, we were very much looking forward to attending what we thought would be an easy victory for our beloved Giants as they try to make the playoffs this year.

We ended up having to park in a lot that seems to be closer to my parents house than the stadium.

When we finally got into the game, after our long trek to the gate, and having to avoid a redskins fan in the line, that had a little too much holiday cheer before entering the game, we were treated to several hours of sitting in meat locker. At least the bathrooms were warm, I've never seen so many people actually hanging out in a public restroom at a sporting event. Had the Giants played a good game, it would have been tolerable, but the lackluster effort on the field, the poor officiating, the inability of the Giants receivers to actually catch the football, made for an excruciating afternoon.We stayed to the bitter end hoping for a miracle, but Eli Manning didn't have any fourth quarter magic for us today. 

On a side note, the ladies at the beer stand near our seats seem to know my name now, which I can't decide is a good thing or a bad thing. We probably won't be back to the stadium this year, I wonder if it will be the same two ladies serving up cheese steaks and plastic bottles of Miller Lite next year. 

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