Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Can I Have The Purple One?

This is something that is going to get cross posted up at the family history blog because it is a legendary piece of home video.

I just wanted to stick up here because I am the patriarch of my part of the Trynosky family and I am in the video, and because it demonstrates the doodad that I had to buy to convert the family home videos and other things to digital form.

This other piece is interesting because Joe blows out the candles... in the first video I attempt to do the same.

If anyone is interested the little doodad i picked up. It plugs from the VCR to a usb port on the computer, and comes with some simple video editing software. You can control it from the control panel in the software or through a toggle switch on the device itself to start/stop recording. Pretty neat and simple, and there doesn't seem to be much lost in the conversion.

Hmm... my dad's been threatening to send this to America's Funniest Home Videos for something like 20 years. It's pretty simple to upload stuff over at the ABC website... no need to mail a tape or anything.

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