Sunday, July 31, 2011

Milky Way Cake

We just got back from a nice BBQ at Aunt Kathleen's house. One of the items we were requested to bring was "Milky Way Cake"

It's basically diabetes in cake form, but here is the recipe for anyone interested.... and yes this link does go to Glenn Beck's website. The reason being, it's where I heard about this magnificent cake recipe. I can't remember if they mentioned it on air, or I noticed it on the website, but I saw it somewhere in one Glenn Beck's media outlets, so here it is.

Milky Way Cake

1 box yellow cake mix
1 stick unsalted butter
6 regular sized Milk Way candy bars [cut into 1 inch pieces]
melt the butter and candy bars together in microwave, stirring occasionally.  Mix well.  Prepare the cake mix as directed.  Stir in Milk Way mixture.  Bake as directed in a bundt pan.

 Pretty simple, I recommend getting the cheap store brand yellow cake, it need be nothing fancy, the 6 milky way bars, and the stick of butter make it super moist. This recipe is a real winner, and it's basically idiot proof... well sort of, I managed to ruin the cake I made on Saturday, I tried to take it out of the pan to soon, and part of the cake got stuck and broke off.. I was attempting to fix it but rocky got a a few licks in when we weren't paying attention so we scrapped it and made a new one at 9 this morning.

For the icing... I think (and i can't even remember, but I think) I made a simple vanilla sugar icing the first time i made this... this time we felt we needed to add even more Milky Way, so I found this milky way icing recipe, also super easy. And it seemed to work pretty well. I thought it tasted like confectioners sugar, but for some reason, I get that taste with anything I make that uses confectioners sugar. Everyone else seemed to like it.

Milky Way Icing

4 tbsp. butter
2 MILKY WAY® bars
2 tbsp. vanilla
1 c. confectioners sugar
Melt butter an candy together as you did for cake. Beat in vanilla and sugar. Spread while still warm.
The cake should also be warm when you spread the icing. I tried to drizzle it, but it was a bit to thick so i spread it on, it melted a little and had a nice finish, if a bit uneven. It didn't harden as much as I'd have liked so I may look for another recipe or experiment a bit.

Also made the first pepper harvest today... got some nice ones, but my jalapenos are always so tiny... not like the ones at the supermarket.

If anyone is asking, no they were not added to the cake... they are earmarked for another batch of hot sauce. I froze them, and will probably do that once I have a couple of pounds (hopefully I get a couple of pounds worth by the end of summer)

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