Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Another "legendary" piece of home video...

This particular gem is from our Kindergarten graduation in 1986. The guy in the middle is our good friend Bobby. The story behind this, I believe is that Joe and I for whatever reason could not remember the song that we were supposed to sing. Through all the practice sessions during class, we could not remember. I believe it had to do with ducks, and two other kids had to end up singing that song. So we got this mindless little number about catching a fish, and since Bobby was in our group (as i recall he had no trouble with the original song) he got stuck with the simple counting exercise too!

It should comfort everyone to know, that this is about as far as I got in math education, I've been faking it pretty well since 1986, calculators are a miraculous invention.

I will have some more clips from this day to post on the other blog at some point, but the tape keeps coming up as "copy-write" protected as I transfer the video. I have a work around using a screen recorder but it's a pain, so I'm going to keep trying to get it to work. To the in-laws... thanks so much for the loaner VCR, it's working wonderfully.

And Rob... if you stumble across this blog post... apologies in advance for posting it, I couldn't help myself!

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