Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Jackie has been quite the mover lately... despite getting a larger playpen for her own safety and amusement, a new play coral for outside at Grandma and Grandpa's house, she does not care much for being contained now that she is mobile. Alison and I sit in the living room watching her do laps. We seem to have the furniture arranged to avoid most danger, but everyone in while she'll try crawling behind a couch or onto something not quite stable like the swing-a-ma-jig. So we are able to keep her safe, grab her at the right time, but she has a relative feeling of freedom. When we open the gates, she will go from one side of the house to the other crawling some of the way, walking where ever there is something to hold on to.

Here she is sneaking around the corner... she was laughing her diaper off when she saw me pop out from the bedroom.


Last night she was doing her new routine, doing the laps around the living room playing with everything she could get her hands on, and as she was standing next to the coffee table I noted she was holding onto a book with both hands examining it. Regrettably I don't have any photos of this event, but she did it a few times before she went to bed. I will try to get some pictures today, but this I think marks the first standing by herself.

Jackie had a pretty good first Fourth of July, she was a bit of a crank most of the day, probably because she was off schedule and there were so many strange people at the party. I'm not sure what pictures we have of the day, but i will try and make another post later. She managed to make it through all four 4th of July outfits that had been purchased for her, she got changed into the last one when she peed on my leg after the first fire works went off. She did not care for them too much...

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