Sunday, July 17, 2011

In Fair Lawn with a scanner...

We're up in Fair Lawn today visiting Grandma and Grandpa Trynosky. Jackie is napping, and I've got all the old family photos and a scanner, so it's time to start work on the side project blog.

Some interesting old pictures and things going up over here today.

Days Gone By...

I've also liberated some old home movies, that I hope to convert to digital form when i get home, for upload to you tube. We'll have some great things going up like the entire Beat Retreat from 2000, graduation ceremonies from Kings Point, Acceptance Day at Kings Point, and a bunch of other stuff.

I'm just getting started!


A sad postscript... after liberating a number of video tapes, I got home and starting tinkering with the computer. Two hours in, I realize that the video card I have is not compatible with the new computer. This is after I had to MacGyver it into the new Dell Inspiron with tin snips, and voided the warranty of a brand new computer.

Damn you Windows 7 64 Bit!!!!

So there will be some delay in the video updates as I acquire a newer better one. Check the nice pictures we uploaded at the other blog anyway, and please feel free to visit our sponsors while you're over there. I swear to you it will translate to real money. I'm amazed at the totals we've got with just a few clicks in my adsense account.

I've got Dad, and Joe hopefully set up to make updates on the other site, so in time I hope we can really start filling the internets with our family adventures. Come along for the ride.

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