Sunday, July 17, 2011

Some Recent Pictures

As always we're amazed at how fast shes growing and the new things she learns to do. The knows how to move her arms to get out of the harness in the car seat and high chair once it's unbuckled, she seems to be running when holding on to railings and things, it's quite a thing to watch.

Here are some other photos we took recently, now that we seem to have the camera setting under control.

Making a mess in the living room... 

 Getting ready to bite Mommy... one of my new favorite hobbies... nom nom nom

Climbing up the couch!

 So sleepy....zzzzz

Rafting mission in the pool

Get that camera out of my face!


Hmmm.... lunch time for the dog I guess

Let me out of this crazy house!

Not for another 20 years or so my dear...
I can root for both teams during the all star game!

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