Saturday, July 16, 2011

Swimming Lessons

Alison and Jackie signed up for some swimming classes at the local YMCA, we figured it was good to give her something new to do, plus it lets Alison out of the house a couple time a week to socialize with people that can actually talk.

Since Alison and Jackie spent the earlier part of the week up in Waldwick while I was away in Denver, they missed their Tuesday class, and the kind folks at the Y let them make it up today, which meant I got to come take pictures and be the proud papa.

Jackie loved walking back and forth along the bleechers while waiting for the class to start. She was racing from one side to the other, she really is getting very quick. But...

The aftermath of this "action shot" was not so great, she was coming towards me, so I was hoping to get a nice shot of her giggling, and she lost her footing. Alison was wondering if she hit her face, I didn't think so I thought she just fell on her bum and knocked the back of her head as she rolled back. The photo suggests otherwise! She was more shocked than anything, a few minutes later she was smiling again and ready for her swim lesson.

Baby and Mommy getting used to the pool with the lifeguard.
Bobbing up and down in the water.

Playing with a toy while Mommy gets her to kick a little. Looks like they are doing the same thing in the next lane with the big kids.

Playing catch with the other baby in the class.

Doing a little doggy paddle with Mommy
Back and forth, swimming laps in the lane.

Under the arch!

Floating with the noodle
Trying to get her to smile to Daddy at the end of the class, I think she was ready to get out of the water.

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